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How To Get Everyone Selling Like Your Best Salesperson

Unlocking opportunities in your sales pipeline so you can ensure not only the future of your company but the survival of your business in an uncertain economic climate is all CEOs and Sales Leaders are thinking about right now. We’ve all got to be [...]

Mount Arbor and Twenty Three Webinar: How to Use Video in Sales

How Mount Arbor uses Twenty Three Personal for Account Based Sales Watch the webinar by clicking the image below:

Gartner 2019: HubSpot challenges in CRM Lead Management for Sales

Marketers see analytics and content management as key to CRM lead management success. In response, software vendors are facilitating delivery of content across multiple channels and orchestrating better marketing and sales coordination. Recently [...]

Why data means salespeople need to be more like movie directors

Let’s face it - your sales team is statistically likely to be lagging behind in terms of their use of technology. They’re most likely to be applying more relationship driven sales methods than data-driven - especially if your hiring pool includes [...]

How to prepare for the sales bottleneck you’ll hit when you become successful

There is an imbalance between the state of digital marketing and digital sales. Proportionally, the marketing stack is bigger and better, and marketing teams are more savvy. Digital marketing got a head start, but sales is catching up. For sales [...]

Why Value Selling is the solution to B2B enterprise software sales

Selling software to businesses has changed a lot in the past 5 years. In the old days, sales people could approach a prospect, do a demo of the software, give a couple of examples of how it’s worked out for other similar customers in the past, then [...]

The 4 steps you can take today to organise your data for GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force May 2018, replacing the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive.

The 5 Ways to Pick Up Sales Without Losing Leads in the Process

Do you find it difficult to create a predictable revenue stream for your business?      The problem with working IN the business as well as ON the business at the same time is that it's difficult to constantly bring in new leads at the same time as [...]

Business Yoga: why conscious leaders will do better business

At Mount Arbor we work a lot with innovative startup founders as well as global leaders in the use of technology. According to a study on Digital Transformation by IDC published by Forbes, by 2021 one-third of CEOs and COOs of Fortune 2000 companies [...]

Technical Value vs Business Value: why engineers don't always know what's best for the customer

Engineers like to solve problems. Show me an excited engineer and I’ll show you a man with a problem. Noodling with algorithms and figuring out how to connect one thing to another excites a problem solver like nothing else. In technology companies, [...]

The Forest and the Trees: selling the value of new concept products

New concept businesses can’t sell like others with more familiar products. Selling a pair of jeans in a department store requires a particular type of selling, emphasising the value of something already understood to be useful and desirable to the [...]

5 Signs Your Marketing Language is Too Complicated

Sometimes selling a solution or product feels like you’re sitting on a goldmine, yet no-one around you seems to understand. Often the value remains hidden, no matter how many ways you tell your story.

Why positive business leaders are healthy, wealthy and wise

Today’s visionaries have an obligation to lead and they feel it. They’re finding new paths for those in the world who believe in positive change. As a friend of mine recently said, “follow the Hansel & Gretel method, but instead of breadcrumbs, [...]

10 steps to better leadership I discovered by not knowing what I was doing

Leadership is a group effort that is marked by the risk of taking the first steps forward. To be an effective leader in any industry, especially in technology - you need both a knowledge of the domain (e.g. business and technology) and a connection [...]

5 steps for marketers to personalize with ALL of their data

If you're still sending out generic offers to your customers in 2017, something's wrong. However, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal about personalization using data, "banks, including Chase, know they are sitting on a large [...]

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